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The 247 Time Booking System

The 247 Time Booking System

Imagine a scenario where your site managers know they have job roles to fill and then must call around their own preferred agencies to try to fill the vacancy. Then add in the additional burden of the rates need confirming, then candidate may need screening along with your own HR administration processes having to be completed. Following the assignment, the agency bills direct sometimes, daily and your finance team has to or should validate the invoice against agreed rates and margins. This can become a burden to many businesses and is why the choice of a booking helps reduce a complicated process and simplifies the whole process.

When your booker wishes to fill a vacancy, they publish the job through the 247 Time booking system.  Amongst others, this would include all the required information relating to the job role itself, rates, margins and dates required.

The vacancy could then be released in several stages:

  1. Release to your own bank. This is a bank of candidates who can be contacted directly to fill the vacancy. If after a suitable time, the role is not filled then, the vacancy passes on to:
  2. First Tier agencies. These could be preferred or agencies that are part of a framework or association. They could also be an agency who provides the specialist workforce required. If the role is not filled, then the vacancy would pass to:
  3. Second Tier agencies. This could be agencies who are approved to supply, but may charge higher fees to supply or not part of a framework or provide the workforce provided. If the vacancy is still not filled it is then passed to the final option:
  4. Third Tier agencies. The vacancy is released to all agencies who have not previously been contacted.

Once the vacancy is filled, the system automatically assigns the candidate to the job role and the agency then completes the electronic timesheet record and payments are triggered.

The 247 Time booking system can be used across all industries and all sites and job roles. A simple and effective way of keeping control over the whole job role booking process.