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Private Sector

The senior management team of 247 Time have an extensive background in the recruitment industry.  It’s through this experience and lack of available quality software in the marketplace that encouraged them to develop their own software, and 247 Time was born

It was way back in 2011 that 247 Time was formed, initially from a desire by an industrial client to manage more effectively their workforce. The directors sold off the recruitment agency side of the business to concentrate on 247 Time.

With over 30 years’ recruitment agency experience, 247 Time quickly added further expertise by bringing into the business additional expertise to manage sales, marketing and systems.

Clients now range from the NHS trusts, Logistics Industry, Care Homes, Facilities management and Councils.  

Based in Enderby, Leicestershire. Our Head office houses our support team, marketing, accounts & sales. It’s 247 Time’s view that the company will always invest into the system will make products increasingly more productive for clients. It’s that philosophy that underpins our 4 key principles.

247 Time are completely neutral. We do not own any recruitment agency or have any affiliation that would be deemed as a conflict of interest.

247 Time can be used across all industries. It caters for all job roles, sites and even allows for different pay grades ,including those within the same job role.

Agency Worker Regulations (AWR) are managed with realtime reports showing where each candidate is on the timeline. 247 Time can offer different solutions according to the size of the site.

There are currently nearly 1,000 agencies who use 247 Time to supply workforce to clients. Throughout the 247 Time system,  agencies  add all the candidates details including any right to work evidence and certificates that maybe required for the role.  Weekly, the hours a candidate has worked is added by either the agency or the site manager, along with a copy of the signed timesheet if required.  Data is available which has all the information required to enable the agency or the candidate to be paid directly or to the agency.

Key here is a number of factors that improve the management of temporary workforce including,  the standardisation of rates and margins, reduction of administration and the availability of management information across many data sets.

When you add in the extra tools available  from 247 Time such as:

  • The booking system for your teams to control how booking are managed, with the ability to release these in a controlled manner to your own staff bank, then agency.
  • The 247 Time payroll system releases the burden of paying the candidates from your own payroll or finance team.

Simple and effective solutions to what can become a complicated process.

Imagine a scenario where your site managers know they have job roles to fill and then must call around their own preferred agencies to try to fill the vacancy. Then add in the additional burden of the rates need confirming, then candidate may need screening along with your own HR administration processes having to be completed. Following the assignment, the agency bills direct sometimes, daily and your finance team has to or should validate the invoice against agreed rates and margins. This can become a burden to many businesses and is why the choice of a booking helps reduce a complicated process and simplifies the whole process.

When your booker wishes to fill a vacancy, they publish the job through the 247 Time booking system.  Amongst others, this would include all the required information relating to the job role itself, rates, margins and dates required.

The vacancy could then be released in several stages:

  1. Release to your own bank. This is a bank of candidates who can be contacted directly to fill the vacancy. If after a suitable time, the role is not filled then, the vacancy passes on to:
  2. First Tier agencies. These could be preferred or agencies that are part of a framework or association. They could also be an agency who provides the specialist workforce required. If the role is not filled, then the vacancy would pass to:
  3. Second Tier agencies. This could be agencies who are approved to supply, but may charge higher fees to supply or not part of a framework or provide the workforce provided. If the vacancy is still not filled it is then passed to the final option:
  4. Third Tier agencies. The vacancy is released to all agencies who have not previously been contacted.

Once the vacancy is filled, the system automatically assigns the candidate to the job role and the agency then completes the electronic timesheet record and payments are triggered.

The 247 Time booking system can be used across all industries and all sites and job roles. A simple and effective way of keeping control over the whole job role booking process.

Staffing a payroll department for temporary workers can be  expensive, especially when factoring in the time and effort it takes to setup a worker who maybe working for only a short period. It therefore, makes sense for trusts to operate a one step process, where they can not only manage a worker,  processes,  approve and pay all in one portal.

This is where the 247 Time payroll service can make a  difference. By using worker’s information already approved for use by the trust, the payroll  service can pay candidates weekly via the traditional PAYE mechanism or as a limited company (with  deductions for tax and other liabilities taken at source). This means that the trust will remain within scope for IR35 regulations.

It is still the business who will approve each worker’s hours on a weekly basis. Payroll files are available securely within the reports section of 247 Time. These are show the nett amounts due to the candidate, the HMRC and any pension provision for NEST. The candidates nett pay is remitted to the 247 Time escrow account for release to the candidate same day.

Having made the decision to procure 247 Time and use it within your business, you can choose which route to take:

Order Directly from 247 Time.

Easily the quickest way in which to implement 247 Time. There is no difference in the product offering and our service, support and training is still maintained at the highest level.


To find out how 247Time™ can help your business call us on
0333 1014 247 or email

Working with Recruitment Agencies

Recruitment agencies play an important role within industry and in particular help businesses to maintain the standards required.

It’s through agencies invaluable bank of workers that a the private sector can plug into, on demand, to maintain the  required staffing levels.

In a people related industry such as recruitment it’s important that any relationship that has been developed over time is able to continue. The flexibility within 247 Time, allows any business  to work with any type of agency,

247 Time can operate tiering, This enables any business to release any vacancy in a controlled manner. 

247 Time is used by nearly 1,000 agencies recruitment agencies in the UK and as the footprint of 247 Time’s usage grows throughout the UK, any new agency can be added to the supplier bank easily.


Case Studies

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