Our key principles

Our Key Principles

Cost Savings
Standardisation of Supplier Margins - 247 Time consultants will analyse a full range of different data sets to include; all your current terms and conditions, your pay & charge rates to your suppliers, any overtime agreements, employees national contributions, pension and agency worker regulations. We then standardise rates and rules across all suppliers and fix them in our system together with standardised terms of business. From our experience this alone can save between 6-9%. Invoice Consolidation - Currently you receive invoices weekly from all your agency suppliers, in some cases multiple invoices weekly from the same suppliers for your various locations across the UK. 247 Time™ will consolidate all these agency suppliers hours and create self-billing electronic invoice together with an ’all data file’ for audit and payment in open accounts. All of the rates and rules are fixed with the hours signed off by your management. Therefore, the need to consolidate each invoice against each agency supplier’s terms and rates is removed, with the error rate falling to zero! Often, the cost of purchase to pay in larger companies could be up to £17 per invoice. Our methodology reduces that cost to pence as 000’s of weekly invoices reduces to 1 weekly payment file. Eradication of Invoice Error- When analysing suppliers invoicing it is fairly common we discover errors, especially in charge rates and overtime understanding. In the past we have seen error rates as high of 7% in all invoicing. 247 Time™ locks all rules and rates and reduces costly invoice & credit note errors to zero. Booking System- Allows the clients to manage all of their bank, substantive and agency staff and enables them to receive bookings directly from the system.
Risk Reduction
Compliance- At clients request, 247 Time will audit all of your agency suppliers to ensure they are fully compliant with; employment law, health & safety regulations, payroll methodology and any requirements specifically important to your business Audit works on a scoring system and the results are recorded on our shared servers for users to review in real time. If any supplier has a major fail, your senior management will be informed immediately and our account management team will immediately draw up a plan of action to remove the agency supplier and replace with fully compliant agency suppliers. Service Level Agreements, Standardised Terms & Conditions - Our Implementation team will work with your legal representatives to create standard terms of business and service level agreements. These are monitored weekly within 247 Time. Agency Workers Regulations (AWR) fully managed- 247 Time monitors all workers by national insurance number, tracking the number of weeks worked for AWR purposes. This allows us to insure that your business is fully compliant within AWR Regulations.
Complete Transparency
Real Time Availability 24/7 - 247 Time is hosted by robust systems which has a minimum uptime of 99.7%, thus allowing your business full access via any device that with internet connectivity. Security passwords will only allow access to the authorised level of information. Once login has been authenticated, your teams will have access to management information and functionality to drill down Open Book Policy - 247 Time believe in a complete open book policy. All our charges for account management, delivering the control and information of your agency supplier is open. Every action within the system is fully tracked and an audit report is sent weekly. All Agency suppliers can clearly view their invoicing, service levels along with their candidate’s ratings. Access Permission Based - Access permissions can be set throughout 247 Time. It is flexible and configured to suit your business. Permissions allow only access to information set to that required level. Management Information Reports- During implementation of 247 Time, our team establish what information is required at each level to be added to the users own management information reports. i.e. Procurement may need to understand cost & savings; whereas Human Resources need to understand length of service and AWR compliance.
Quality Improvements
Workers Service Levels Checked & Rating System 247 Time gives the ability to add hours for a candidate, to record if a candidate was not required, absent, sick or on annual leave and you can rate the candidate performance using a 5 Star system: Agency suppliers can also review the feedback to ensure they are placing the most suitable candidates. A major benefit to your business is you can quickly establish your best suppliers and reward them with further business opportunities and as equally important remove any poor suppliers from your preferred supplier panel. Full Account Management- At 247 Time our account management team work with your site management team and suppliers to look at continued improvements on health & safety training online, or by agency suppliers or indeed on-site. We understand that a high turnover of candidates can cause serious lost time in training and poor productivity. We work with all parties to reduce attrition and increase productivity. Skills and Qualifications Validated - 247 Time enables the agency supplier when adding candidates, to also upload crucial documents, such as health & safety, certification, photo id, and qualifications such as CSCS cards. This validation can be used to check any candidate’s permissions to use equipment. Such is the strength of 247 Time end dates are qualified against any permit or licence and if any candidates permit has expired, this will be highlighted and will lock them out of the system and working for you until a new permit or licence is added with a future expiry date. Full Management Information - All of the processes we have mentioned is managed within 247 Time™. This information is used to build full management reporting that is tailored for the various levels and structures within your business. All our information is online and permissions are set to individual email addresses with a unique password. Management reporting can be sent to groups by automated weekly emails. Our implementation team co-ordinates all these functions.
Key Features
Master Vendor
Online 24/7
Single payment to suppliers
Works across all sites
All job roles
Every Division
Your choice of Agency suppliers
Open Book Policy
Zero Set up costs
AWR solutions to fit your business by site