How to Procure 247 Time

How to Procure 247 Time

Having made the decision to procure 247 Time and use it within your business, you can choose which route to take:

  1. Order Directly from 247 Time.

Easily the quickest way in which to implement 247 Time. There is no difference in the product offering and our service, support and training is still maintained at the highest level.

  1. The Government Marketplace.

The ‘G-cloud’ is the digital marketplace set up by government with the aim of simplifying the procurement process for public sector bodies. 247 Time are on the Cloud Software framework. The product pricing is set and buy procuring 247 Time through the G -Cloud process you can be assured that we have met the strict requirements laid down.

  1. Health Trust Europe

A recent addition to the 247 Time procurement process. Similar to the Governments             G- Cloud, Health Trust Europe (HTE) offer a procurement process at defined prices along with pre-determined product offerings that have met their criteria for supply.