Working with your teams

247 Time brings in many benefits to any business. Controlling workforce, which can in most businesses account for the major outlay in expenditure, is paramount. If cost savings are made and more information is delivered, less administration is required, it makes for most procurement executives, a clear decision of choice when it comes to selecting, 247 Time.

However, taking a holistic approach will mean that at some point someone will ask the question, “what’ll all this mean for my people?” So, it’s with that in mind that it’s important to illustrate how 247 Time will work will different teams within a business.

Finance Teams

Cost savings generated by 247 Time impact directly on the cash flow available within every business using the system. Equally, weekly data files replace the direct invoices sent by each agency for every worker. The resources needed to administer this process can now be used more effectivity within the business. One example is seeing how NHS finance teams using the free time generated to analyse deeper the data generated by the system to understand where best, resources can be utilised.

Senior Management

With a greater focus on how they are performing and the impact of their decisions now being challenged by governing bodies almost on a daily basis, it’s important that senior teams have access to information that evidences how they are making savings and importantly, where those savings are being lost, so they can take any remedial action.

This is where 247 Time is invaluable, the reporting function enables them to prove where saving are being made. Equally, a wealth of other management reports are available in realtime to help gauge how each element of the business is impacting on performance standards.


Understanding the complexity of workforce can be challenging. Procurement teams will need to understand the labour needs of the business both short & long term. This enables them to go into the market to find the most suitable solution.

Each solution may have benefits and indeed pricing levels. 247 Time has one simple price, based on a pay as you go basis, which is calculated by each worker hour.

In addition, as a supplier on the Government G-Cloud programme, 247 Time has been approved and passed tight scrutiny in terms of procedures, technology, security and pricing. This gives any procurement professionals the advantage of not having to run time intensive and expensive tenders or run mini competitions.

Human Resources

Controlling details of each worker can be time consuming and in some cases duplicates the information readily available about the candidate.

With 247 Time, candidate information is available on demand, it’ll show personal information, right to work documentation, where the candidate has already worked within the business and when. All vital data in running what can be a time consuming and a problem, if information is incorrect.

HR will also have a view on who is supplying workforce and the calibre of the candidates supplied as 247 Time has its own in built rating system.

Pay rates, agency margins and supplier contracts are also standardised by 247 Time.

Management information can be download to be used within any 3rd party system or manipulated as required, subject to authorised passwords.


As a cloud based system, IT issues are rare the software is beta tested prior to any live use. All is required is internet access, firewall permissions for the system and training sites. No data is ever sent separately by 247 Time as reports are only available, permission based, within the system

247 Time as ‘software as a service provider,’ any business can be assured that all the accreditations available are held by 247 Time. This assurance extends to holding current Cyber Essentials, The Department of Health’s Information Governance Certification & Information Commissioner’s Office accreditations.

The system is housed in a secure environment with full specification shown in our technical brief. 1st tier support is provided by our own in house support team who are available to answer any IT related queries any staff may have.

To meet Department of Health’s guidelines, 247 Time monitor that all usage is UK based.

Operational Management

One of the biggest impact that 247 Time will deliver is to the front line teams, who’ll manage workforce on a regional or local level.

Having been introduced to the functionality that 247 Time delivers, operational teams have access to approved recruitment agencies who will be suppling workers at preapproved pay rates with standard commissions all defined within 247 Time. If for example, there is a requirement for a worker to hold a current DBS certification, then this can be verified prior to the candidate arriving onsite.

The time consuming task of timesheets is considerably reduced, as these are now available and completed online in an intuitive, simple process.

The 247 Time booking system also brings in additional features, adding to the higher performance standards generated by the system.