Are you paying More than is required for Nursing and Lower Grade Workers?

Most NHS trusts are using staffing frameworks, i.e. Crown Commercial Service (CCS), London Procurement Partnership (LPP) & Health Trust Europe (HTE). These frameworks provide a platform of compliant agencies and also manage; Pay Rates, ENI, WTR, Holiday Pay & Agency Margin.

However, it is clear that some trusts are paying too much on Employers National Insurance as this should only be calculated once the employee has earned over £154.00 each week.

For example;
ENI only applies when the employee reaches the £154.00 per week pay threshold. Only then, should ENI be calculated on the total pay.

Some Trusts are being billed for ENI for those candidates who don’t reach the trigger point of £154.00 and therefore incurring upto an additional £21.25 per week, per candidate.

Equally, there is a view that trusts are being billed for miscalculations in working time regulations (WTR). This should always be calculated on the standard hours only for the job role. Therefore, any overtime should be excluded.

For example;
A nurse working 46 hours in a week, and the standard hours for the role is 37.5 hours.
Correct calculation should be (ignoring any overtime).

£25.00 per hour x 37.5 hours = Pay of £937.50 @12.07% WTR = £113.15

The incorrect calculation is often used, based on the full workers hours

£25.00 per hour x 46 hours = Pay of £1150 @12.07% WTR = £138.80

Therefore the trust pays out to the agency an additional £25.65

In these two examples, the trust could be paying an additional £46.90 (£21.25 + £25.65) for the services of this worker.

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