"Unfortunately, when projects aren’t well run well. Problems tend to be created at the beginning, but don’t materialise until the end!”

Without a structured plan, it’s easy to overlook something that a relatively small task, but is important to be completed on time. 247 Time adopt Prince 2 principles in every implementation. It enables us to replicate good practice each time we introduce 247 Time into a trust or a new service.

We provide had copies of your plan and reproduce this within our online cloud based implementation programme.

How do we do it?

We use a Cloud based programme to enable us to have a master implementation
plan that is updated as our knowledge is and is replicated each time. We’ll create a project for you and adapt it, so it meets your needs. It’s important for us to have your feedback too! Once you’ve had an opportunity review, we'll adapt the plan to fit your needs, after all, it’s
your plan.

Why does 247 Time have their implementation online?

We find it gives all stakeholders (247 Time and trust champions) a clear defined approach in respect of their own implementation project. Through the system each week, there are defined steps that must be completed and by whom. It also gives clear instructions why each step is required and attaches copies of any correspondence required or examples, either by email or letter in the case of more formal notices.

Each person within the project receives a daily update of tasks completed and those outstanding. It’ll show what’s also been posted as comments for all parties to share. We find this is particularly useful to illustrate to trust champions, where we feel there is resistance to change, in order that the trust can manage it effectively.

Project tasks once completed, are removed from the project timeline (archived) the trust champion to approve each week’s milestone before progressing to the next week.

How long is an implementation?

This very much depends on the client. It can vary from as little as 4 weeks to much longer. We find the most efficient implementations are ones where the client has a champion within the business to manage the process. We’ll always work to the speed you find best and will hand hold you all the way through.