Direct Engagement

Direct Engagement

What is Direct Enagement?

Simply put, this is a when a trust books a worker via an approved agency but, engages with the worker directly for payment purposes either via PAYE or as a limited company supplying medical services to the trust. This is normally achieved via an approved framework agreement, under the direct engagement variation of terms. The trust pays directly, the candidate the agreed hourly amount for their services and then remits to the agency in a separate transaction, the hourly finder’s fee.

How does It Work?

The trust uses a provider to allow the agency to upload hours and copy paper timesheets to an electronic timesheet line which maintains the agreed rates. A trust approver then confirm the hours are correct and approves the timesheet for payment processing. The automated process creates the relevant PAYE file, limited company invoice file, along with the relevant MI data, allowing the trust to make the relevant payments. As payment files are 100% correct, no further intervention is required, therefore, avoiding any issues with overpayment or duplication of invoices.


This normally takes 4 weeks or can be tailored to meet your trusts expectations. From the agreed commencement of the project (after any pre-implementation meetings). The whole implementation process is overseen by the 247 Time and follows a tried and tested pattern, developed with the real experience of over 30 other trusts now using 247 Time.

Are there any upfront costs?

There are no upfront costs and the system is pay as you go based on hours processed through the system as per a G-Cloud agreement.

When are savings realised?
Hard savings are realised from the Go Live date and typically are between 19% and 25% of spend. This figure is higher when factoring in soft savings and the introduction of further products from 247 Time.